Los poetas

los poetas somos gente con tiempos diferentes, nos manifestamos repentinamente como olas del océano, Y en lugar de ser racionales utilizamos la inteligencia del corazón,usamos las palabras y las letras para explicar lo que sentimos pero la música la coloca la razón


Alli donde el arco iris


los  adolescentes sueños

y se entromete

con las ansias

de un calendario

celoso de hojas nuevas

me voy confeccionando

en arenas y mieles

el corazón de a partes.

Maria Raquel Bonifacino


por Maria Raquel Bonifacino


“Thanks”, even though it is a simple word,  has great power.

Saying thanks, you can get  a smile to make people feel happy.

Many times because of shyness or embarrassment, we don’t say: thank you.

With our family, relatives or friends sometimes we argued in an angry way and maybe we have never told them how grateful we were for their words or actions. In spite of that we have fought for different opinions, without understanding that these issues made us wiser we should thank them as much as we can for being in our life.

We have to thank every day for living and to be able to enjoy beautiful days, good books or a walk, because there are many lives that cannot do it, many lights of life leaving our world before being able to shine, we must be grateful for studying or learning day by day and above all thanks to those who helped us to make it possible.

We don’t realize the days run so fast and we maybe haven’ t enough time to thank people who helped us along the way.

Gratitude is one of the paths to happiness

As the song says: Thanks to life, which has given me so much…

I wish we had more time to say thank.